Original Irish

Date:30 Lug, 2015

Original Irish

This portal is a tool for the promotion of local Irish products and services and to help businesses grow through the world’s most popular channel: The Internet.

The site offers your business the opportunity to grow and develop, introducing your business to customers who are searching for original and traditional Irish products and services.

Through this site genuine Irish articles and hospitality of all kinds, will not only be available on the Irish market but also on the Italian, French and Spanish markets too, providing an opportunity for customers to buy products, book hotels and restaurants or visit your store, getting to know the authentic and lesser known traditions of your charming country with it’s rich history and folklore.

Any company offering genuine Irish products and services may join: local producers; vendors and speciality shops; characteristic hotels; restaurants and pubs offering local produce.

There are many advantages for companies signing up:

V-originalirishIT’S INEXPENSIVE: for only € 25.00 a year your business can be part of our site advertising products or services in Ireland as well as three other countries, Italy, France, Spain with other countries soon to be announced.

V-originalirishIT’S EASY: just fill out the form by accessing this link … and enter the required information. Your company profile will be translated into each language and published on our site so you can begin acquiring new customers


IT’S EFFECTIVE:   80% of all purchases are made online.


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